Abbey Dore Court Gardens – Open to visitors

Nestled in the picturesque Golden Valley of Herefordshire, Abbey Dore Court Gardens are now open to visitors, offering a delightful retreat amidst stunning English countryside. Formerly an ancient Cistercian Abbey, the historic property and its enchanting gardens provide a perfect day out for families, couples, and garden enthusiasts.

A brief history of Abbey Dore Court Gardens

Founded in 1147 by Robert de Ewyas, the original Abbey Dore stood as a Cistercian monastic complex, part of an order renowned for its devotion to simplicity and reverence for nature. Despite facing turmoil during the dissolution of the monasteries under King Henry VIII, the abbey was rebuilt as a private residence in the 16th century.

Fast forward to the 19th century, when architect Thomas Nicholson beautifully restored the church and incorporated it into the residence. The current gardens at Abbey Dore Court have flourished since then under various private ownerships. With each change in hands came new additions to the landscape – all meticulously cared for over the years – culminating in what is now a breathtaking haven for visitors to admire and appreciate.

The enchanting gardens

Visitors entering Abbey Dore Court Gardens are greeted with an array of fascinating garden features. One such mesmerizing aspect is the formal Victorian Kitchen Garden, a magnificent walled garden that transports you back to a bygone era. The neatly trimmed box hedges frame vibrant flowerbeds overflowing with seasonal blooms.

Further on, follow pathways that meander through fragrant borders adorned with roses, clematis, hydrangeas, and an assortment of other plants designed to enthrall your senses. Discover hidden nooks featuring trickling water features or simply take a moment to pause on one of the numerous benches scattered throughout the grounds.

Beyond formal planting schemes lies an expansive wildflower meadow teeming with native flora and fauna. A stroll through this captivating landscape showcases how stunning English biodiversity can be. Keep an eye out for butterflies dancing between flowers or listen for birdsong as you soak up this serene setting.

If you’re visiting during late summer or early autumn, don’t miss wandering through the orchard’s rustic wooden archways to glimpse apples ripening on branches overhead – an idyllic scene indeed.

For those seeking serenity alongside structure within their gardens, a visit to Abbey Dore Court Gardens would be well-rewarded by their beautifully maintained yew hedgetree that forms quiet corridors along intertwining walkways.

In addition to these captivating garden sections lies a picturesque river walk along River Dore where towering trees create dreamy canopies over tranquil waters.

Visiting details & facilities

Abbey Dore Court Gardens welcome adults and children alike from April through October each year. There is an admission fee for entry (children under 12 accompanied by parents enter free), with group discounts available.

Meander through numerous plant sales areas on-site after strolling through their inspiring gardens – what better way to bring some floral inspiration back home?

For a quintessential English experience, refresh yourself in their stunning Pool Garden Café where you can indulge in delicious cream teas or even imbibe on something stronger during monthly wine tastings featuring local producers.

So whether you’re a devoted gardener seeking ideas or simply looking for a peaceful escape from everyday life, make sure to visit Abbey Dore Court Gardens this season – where beauty abounds around every corner.