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The Gardens

6 acres of garden, a further 4 acres the other side of the delightful footbridge over the River Dore and we have an enormous amount of photo opportunities. Here are just a few of them to give you a glimpse of what you will see on your visit to Abbey Dore Court Gardens.

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Borders & Beds

Wonderful herbaceous borders can be found all over the gardens with a huge variety of flowers and plants. Here is just a selection but really you should come and visit and bring your camera with you.

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Hidden Corners

It's so easy to get lost in time, lost in thought or just lost in the Garden. There are many hidden corners to enjoy and get lost in and we hope you find and enjoy them all. Here's a few.

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Around the gardens various forms of art and sculpture are blended into the surroundings. Over the years various pieces have been collected or donated that have found natural homes with the garden. Here are just a few.

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The River Dore runs through the garden separating the meadows from the river walk and main garden with a small wrought iron footbridge. The peaceful sound of the river and visual beauty makes it a natural place to walk along or sit beside.

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Mon Darnborough

Mon Darnborough is a visitor to the garden who has taken some lovely photographs showing the best of the garden. There are several scattered within other albums here, but here's a small selection of our favourites.

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Wye Valley Life Magazine

These are just a few of the images taken for the recent article in the Wye Valley Life Magazine.

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Abbey Dore Court Garden is a plant lovers garden stretching over 8 acres and including a river walk, meadows and a good collection of helleborus, paeonia, astrantia, ferns and bamboos.

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